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Sri Ramanacharanatirtha Nochur Venkataraman is an Acharya of Vedānta sampradāya. Nochurji has spoken and taught extensively about Advaita and Ramana Maharshi’s teachings. Nochurji’s words and YouTube talks played a major role in bringing me to Arunachala, Tiruvannamalai, and am eternally grateful to him. He speaks primarily in Tamil and Malayalam but has been also giving discourses in English for the wider audience. Here, in this blog, I’ve tried to list down links of all his English talks in one place.

Nochurji gives a regular annual series of talks during Bhagwan’s Jayanti in Tiruvannamalai. These are usually 7 talks, here are links to playlists of each of the year:

2015 Talks at Ramanashramam (8 videos)

2017 Talks on Akshramanamalai (8 videos)

2018 Talks (7 videos)

2021 Talks (7 videos)

2022 Talks (8 videos)

2023 Talks on Ulladu Narpadu
(9 videos- 1st talk was in Tamil and 2nd talk onwards, shifted to English)

Nochur Venkataraman’s talks on Bhagavad Gita

Talks from Sivaananda Ashram, April 2022 (14 videos)

8 Talks on Karma Yoga (In Bangalore)

7 Talks on Ekadasa Skandam @ Sivaandanda Ashram


Michael Bratcher wrote to me with a compilation of links to recent talks of 2023, here they are:

Talks on Manisha Panchakam Nov 7Nov 8Nov 9
Srimad Bhagavata Mar 20Mar 21Mar 22Mar 23Mar 24Mar 25Mar 26Mar 27Mar 28Mar 29
Talk at Ajatananda Ashram Mar 24

Also, Nochur Swami took Sannyasa in late 2023, and here’s the series of 10 talks after the official Sannyasa when he took up the ochre robes.

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