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Aashram Space was started in October 2018 as an initiative to provide a place to individuals and small groups for quiet contemplative stays. Bir in Himachal Pradesh is the location and there were two properties to begin out with- a modern construction with simple basic interiors in Chougan Bir and a mud house reconstruction project in Baadi village.

Jubin, Sarasvati, Sohail and Anish were the people who initiated the process and gave the place momentum. The finances for the place were crowdfunded. 10+ people (thank you!) pitched in with an average of INR 50,000 each and this helped us to open up the place for everyone on a donation model. The intention we had was to aid anyone who was looking for a quiet place for their self-guided practice. People could stay for 1-2 weeks with these guidelines – no drinking, no smoking, no late nights and maintain conversations to a minimum.

Over the course of last two years, we’ve hosted more than 100 people (1000+ room nights) and it has been an enriching experience for everyone (Google Maps location). Meeting people from different backgrounds, varied mindsets and lifestyles makes one value life and realise how all of us are the same within.

As of now, November 2020, we’ve decided to take a pause and mull over what direction should the space take. The lease for the mud house in Baadi is up and it is over to some friends to take it forward. As for the Bir House, we still have the place till end of 2021 and we’re hosting day meditation sessions but we’ve decided to not taking guests for stays right now.

Several publications were made during this tenure of 2 years and they can all be downloaded from here. Sarasvati and Rinzin have initiated a new book space at Bhoomi cafe which seed has just germinated. Life is so beautiful that way 🙂 The interconnectedness of everything.

We’ve made 9 books and some are in the works. The joy of working with print is something I deeply cherish. Some of them are available in print for sale and some are in the works. The one I’m most keenly looking forward to is about the Narmada Parikrama- a 3500km pilgrimage around the river Narmada.

If you’d like to order some of these or collaborate on any publishing assignment, write to me at [email protected].

Well, this is the summary of what has been happening, thank you so much for the support everyone, let’s see what is in store next year! In the meanwhile, if you’d like to read some letters from Aashram Space, here:

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